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Do you feel excited when you see eyelashes with different makeup and styles? When it comes to choosing false lashes, we all struggle with finding the right one that matches our eye shape. Unlike most common eye shapes, it is even more frustrating for those with hooded eyes. So today’s topic we’re gonna talk about the best false lashes ideas for hooded eyes and how to use eyelashes to create different styles and to brighten and widen the eyes and make them look sexier.

Usually, false lashes are designed for some common eye shapes such as almond shapes and round shapes. But for hooded eyes, thick and long lashes can often look too heavy and can make eyes even smaller or dropper. With the development of the false lashes industry, more and more creative, new products are designed, and the variety of lashes allows people with different eye shapes to find their own style.

Here are the tips for hooded eyes: 

If you have small eyes, and they are in almond/hooded shape, the lashes you typically go for are on the lighter and smaller side, because your eyes are too small to handle the thick layer of lash running across the lashline. You don’t want the lashes to weigh your eyes down and create the shadow over your eyes. Instead, you want it to be more flattering and wispy. You can choose lashes that are shorter and more natural - looking, which are slightly longer in the center and shorter/thinner in the inner and outer part, can open up your eyes, help to create a illusion of depth, make your eyes look more rounded, deepening and enchanting.

For you who love heavier makeup look, you can try the  3D Faux mink  lashes. This kind lashes are stacked in layers to create a glam look. The eyelashes  clusters with super fine clear bands can fit your eye shape perfectly. the appearance is thick and fluffy, but the material is soft and extremely lightweight. It’s suitable for hooded eyes who like smoky eyes or cool style, and it can help your hooded eyelids to open up and look less droopy-win win situation!

 If you still can’t find the perfect eyelashes, you can DIY your unique gorgeous lash look based on your eye shape. This lash is suitable for almost every occasion because it comes in various lengths for you to choose from and match different makeup effects.

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