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How to Choose DIY Eyelash Glue

How to Choose DIY Eyelash Glue


So you've finally decided to jump into the world of DIY lashing! But you're not sure how to choose the perfect DIY eyelash glue! Don't worry – we've got you covered. In this article, we'll show you what to look for and break down three of our most popular DIY eyelash glues!



Why Choosing a Quality DIY Eyelash Glue is Crucial

 The best thing about doing your lashes is that you have the ultimate freedom to lash your way. You can create a custom lash look, switch it up whenever, and skip the expensive fill-in appointments!

However, no matter how beautiful the lashes you choose are, you won't achieve the best results if you can't get them to stick and have good retention.


What to Look for in DIY Eyelash Glue

We can't stress this enough: do not use professional-grade eyelash glue!


Professional adhesives are for licensed professional use only. You cannot use it for self-application. The fumes that professional-grade adhesives emit can irritate the eyes. This irritation can lead to excessive watering, chemical burning, and allergic reactions.

When looking for a DIY eyelash glue, you must look for an adhesive that distinctly notes that it is "for beginners" or "for self-application." These glues are not as strong as professional-grade adhesives, and you can safely use them for self-application.

Look for a formula that advertises that it is gentle, non-irritating, and odorless!

How To Choose the Right Type of DIY Eyelash Glue

 Now that you know what to look for in DIY eyelash glue, how do you choose from the different types? Well, there are a few things to take into consideration.


What type of eyelashes are you using?

Different DIY eyelash glues will partner best with varying types of extensions. Cluster and pre-cut strip lashes work best with a mascara-like bond. Individual lashes work best with traditional liquid eyelash glue.


How do you plan to apply the extensions?

The placement of the extensions is essential when choosing a DIY eyelash glue.

Water-resistant adhesives are best for under the lash line extensions. These glues are usually a two-in-one product with adhesive on one side and a sealing agent on the other.

A traditional liquid adhesive is best for individual lash extensions. Liquids will allow the extension to adhere to one isolated natural lash for a seamless look and superior hold.

How long are you planning to wear your lashes?

While retention is primarily based on application skills, several formulas will have a longer retention rate.

A simple adhesive is perfect if you're looking to wear your lashes for a few hours. However, if you're hoping to get a few days out of your extensions, you should partner your bonding agent with a good sealing product.

If you're expecting to keep your lashes on for up to two weeks, you will require a DIY eyelash glue with a superior bond, such as a liquid.


Lashview Eyelashes' DIY Eyelash Glues

If you want to take the guesswork out of shopping around for eyelash glue, check out our selection of DIY eyelash glue!


Lash Bond & Sealer

The Lash Bond & Sealer is our most versatile and well-rounded DIY eyelash glue.


It's a dual-ended product with "Bond," the adhesive, and "Lock," a clear sealant. First, brush "Bond" through the natural lashes to create the first bonding layer and apply your extensions. Then, seal the application with "Lock," which will make your lashes humidity, sweat, and waterproof!

It applies like traditional mascara, making it extremely beginner friendly.

You can use Lash Bond & Sealer for all extensions, but it's ideal for extensions that are applied underneath the lash line. "Lock" will seal the application and repel moisture from the waterline to slow the deterioration of the adhesive's bond.


At Home Lash Glue

Our At Home Lash Glue is our most straightforward DIY eyelash glue.

If you're looking for a simple adhesive that will lock your lashes into place, this is the perfect lash glue for you. It has a solid hold that can last for up to three days.

 It's very similar to Lash Bond & Sealer, except it doesn't come with the sealant formula. It applies like traditional mascara, making it highly beginner-friendly and ideal to use with Lash Clusters.


Individual Lash Glue

Our Individual Lash Glue is the best DIY eyelash glue if you want ultimate control and lash customizability.

It's a traditional liquid glue that resembles the professional-grade adhesives used by lash technicians. It's safe to use on sensitive eye areas, dries rapidly, and is fume and odorless.

 Due to its liquid nature, it can be more challenging to use. However, we recommend it if you have more experience with DIY lashing and want to step up your lash game. You'll experience superior retention with this type of lash glue, and your lashes can last up to 2 weeks if applied correctly.

It's best to use this type of glue with individual eyelash extensions, pre-made lash fans, and for creating handmade lash fans.

Lash Your Way!

Now that you understand how to choose the best DIY eyelash glue, you can jump into your DIY lashing journey.

Doing your lashes on your own opens up a whole realm of possibilities! You're free to mix, match, and play – your way!


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