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Perfect DIY Lashes with iLash Crush

Perfect DIY Lashes with iLash Crush

Say goodbye to mascara and expensive salon eyelash extensions! If you’re looking for the ultimate flexibility and freedom to style your lashes your way, you should try doing it yourself!

Why DIY?

There are so many beauty treatments you can learn to do yourself, and lashes are one of them! There are many benefits to doing your lashes, and the freedom and flexibility it provides can’t easily be overlooked.  


Doing it yourself allows you to take complete creative control and achieve your dream lash look. You can control the volume, the length, and the overall style by mixing and matching different lash clusters. You can also switch your look up as often as you please until you discover your signature style!


Doing your lashes yourself also saves you a considerable amount of money! Compared to salon eyelash extension services, which cost upwards of $200 per set, at-home lash clusters are highly cost-effective.


It is also will save you a lot of time. Full sets can take two to three hours to complete because each extension is attached to a natural eyelash. The band of cluster lashes is broader than individual lashes, so you can achieve a full lash look quicker. This will save you hours without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home!


DIY lashes are also more forgiving and flexible than eyelash extensions. The adhesive used is not as permanent or intense as the industrial adhesive used in salons. This allows you to easily remove the clusters at home, providing you with the freedom to switch up your style more often!


How Can I Do My Lashes At Home?


Many products are available to help you do your lashes at home. However, the easiest way to DIY at home is by using lash clusters.


 Lash clusters are small sections of a strip lash with multiple individual lashes attached to a thin band that can be applied directly to your lash line. They mimic the look of eyelash extensions that can easily be achieved at home!


If you’re looking to take the plunge into the world of DIY lashing and embrace your unique style, our beloved iLash Crush Kits are the perfect way to start. It’s the ultimate DIY lash cluster kit that allows you to easily lash your way and create your own exclusive look at home.

Why Lashview Lashes?


At Lashview Lashes, we offer our clients solutions to take complete creative control of their beauty and self-expression. We provide several lash products, from individual lashes, cluster lashes, and “lash & go” kits.


Our product ranges come in many styles to suit every beauty’s lash needs. From natural-looking lashes to mega volume and everything in between, you’re sure to find your perfect look! We also offer a wide assortment of lash lengths ranging from 10mm to 16mm.  


Our super fine lash band sets our lash clusters and individual lashes apart from other brands. Most brands’ lash bands are too thick, making them uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged period. Our lash bands are a super fine 0.3mm for a virtually weightless feeling and will provide you with the ultimate comfort.


Our lashes are also highly durable and can be reused up to ten times, making them more environmentally friendly!

Create your perfect look!


We offer several types of kits that can be mixed and matched to achieve your desired style. The possibilities are endless when you DIY it! Each iLash Crush Kit is strategically put together to provide the tools you need to achieve your desired look from start to finish!


If you’re looking for something natural for an everyday look, check out the iLash Crush Kit in Criss Cross for a “my lashes but better” look! If you prefer something more dramatic with a smoldering blackout look, the iLash Crush Kit in Midnight is the style for you!



Doing your lashes on your own may initially sound overwhelming, but it’s much easier than you think. After you’ve chosen your desired style, the application process is a breeze.


Our dual-ended Bond & Lock is the ultimate two-in-one glue and sealer. It’s odorless, will not clump or smudge, and has a robust waterproof hold! Scrape off the excess Bond on the side of the bottle before brushing it through your natural lashes to prepare for application.


Using the Fusion Lash Applicator, carefully lift the i-Tensions (the lash clusters) at the base and place them along your lash line. Gently pinch your natural lashes and the i-Tensions together to help them blend seamlessly.


Once you’ve achieved your desired look, it’s time to lock everything in place! Dab Lock, the clear finishing coat, onto the attachments to remove any stickiness and seal the clusters into place!


Now, enjoy your beautiful fluttery lashes for up to 48 hours. No clumps, no smudges – only beautiful, perfect lashes!


Maintenance and Removal

Each iLash Crush Kit has the tools you need to maintain and remove your DIY lashes!


The iBrush is a portable muti-use brush that you can use to maintain your lashes. It comes with a removable cap to keep it clean. The spiral brush is also detachable from the base, making it easy to wash in between uses.


Toss it in your bag and use it throughout the day to groom your brows or to brush through your lashes to keep them neat and perfect. Use it with Go Melty to remove excess Bond from your lashes during the application process!


Each kit comes with Go Melty Lash Remover, a gentle and odorless eye makeup remover that effectively cleans up smudges and clumps. To remove your lash clusters, shake Go Melty thoroughly and saturate a cotton pad. Gently press against the eyes for a few minutes to dissolve the Bond to remove your lash clusters without damaging your natural lashes.


Now it’s time to try a new style!


Love your lashes!


Lash out loud with attitude, and level up your beauty by letting your creativity run wild! Experiment, express yourself, and love your lashes by taking control of your look with our deluxe iLash Crush Kits!

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